Development and manufacturing

While developing the products, we approached the best Czech and French biochemists and natural scientists who work in their respective fields for over 40 years. The result is a completely new cosmetic brand based on traditional methods of development and production.

But there are some steps that nature has to go through before becoming a face cream for your skin...


In every beginning, there is an important decision. What type of product are we gonna create? For who? How will it work? And what about consistency? How much will it cost? And what packaging to use? We ask ourselves a series of questions, and once we know the answers, we start working.


According to these answers, we start developing prototypes of formulations. These formulations are being evaluated by sensory perception and smell if the product is scented. If they pass the evaluation, the stability testing follows. The product must stay the same and maintain its efficacy for a guaranteed period of time and handle a short-termed exposure to higher (45 a 50 °C) or low temperature – this may occur while transporting the product or even while carrying it in a purse.


Provided that everything is alright, we start transforming the prototypes into reality. The next step is harmlessness testing, according to The EU Cosmetics Regulation. The experts will evaluate the formula, used ingredients and their effect on the skin, if it doesn't irritate the skin, if the products comply with its promises, and lastly, the wholesomeness of packaging and effectiveness of its preservation. When all these standards are matched, the evaluator will issue a certification for us, and we can continue working.


Now it's the time of purchase. The ingredients must comply with quality determined during the development. Once we have everything we need, we start the manufacturing process following the required manufacturing techniques. We have to meet the requirements of manufacturing practices that are practically identical to manufacturing pharmaceuticals' requirements. This means that the whole process is being monitored, the batches of used ingredients are being recorded, and the final product's microbiology is controlled. Every batch is marked on its packaging, and in case of a warranty, the complaint can be easily traced back. And once everything is done, we introduce the product to the market.

We cooperate with the best

We cooperate with the best

All KY products will be available for sampling and purchase in any MEDICOM Clinic branches in Prague, Brno, or Ústí nad Labem.