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We've spent a lot of time searching for cosmetics that would meet our vision of quality formula, precise manufacturing, and visibly rejuvenating effects. We were looking for the best natural cosmetics accessible to every modern woman. And then one day we've decided that we are gonna create it on our own.

We are delighted that we can finally present it to you.

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One of the key ingredients is Neodermyl™. This ingredient is considered a cosmetic miracle for its anti-aging properties. And gold medal from international cosmetic trade show InCosmetics in Paris supports this statement as well.

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Gentle airless

Cup as a sign of luxury? No way! Our products feel the best in airless bottles. Thanks to them, they stay clean, perfectly protected, and you can apply them comfortably and hygienically. Airless and KY tare the perfect combination.

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Skin without filter

Tereza from the blog "Mothers in Troubles" used KY day and night cream for more than two months and wrote her first impressions. You can read her review in the latest article in the Blog section.

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New brand, years of experience

New brand, years of experience

We bring you a new perspective on cosmetics. We gain from more than 40 years of practice.

In harmony with nature

In harmony with nature

All of the products and packaging are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Clean ingredients

Clean ingredients

Our products contain thoroughly chosen combination of ingredients without chemicals.

Luxurious yet affordable

Luxurious yet affordable

KY fulfills the most demanding requirements for an affordable prices.

YOUR Product line

The first line of KĒORY Young products was born in harmony with our philosophy, nature, and needs of all modern women. Product line YOUR is synonymous with luxury and purity. Chosen ingredients will brighten up and moisturize your skin while adding elasticity and smoothness to it.

Choose your face cream or serum, let yourself get pampered, and discover your key to youthful beauty.

Your messages

Jana Al-Dury


K produktům, doufám, že uvěříš, že to není podlézačka, ale recenze! :-D

Používám od prvního dne všechny 3 vaše produkty (a to teď trochu flákám galvanickou žehličku) a už minimálně 4 kamarádky mi řekly, jak vypadám dobře a jestli jsem nebyla na kyselině nebo nějakém zákroku!! Takže pecka!! :-)♥️

Adéla Bartak


Tady jsou moje #holygrails SKINCARE - SERUMS!

Jako poslední jsem do kufru zabalila dárek - sérum od @keoryyoung a to je hodně velký překvapení. Podle recenzí bylo jasný, že to je něco, co funguje. Ale pardon! Mám trochu výhodu, že mě zatím vrásky šetří, ale toto. Po necelých 14 dnech používání pleť vyhlazená a hladká doslova jako mimino. Jediný, co bych vytkla, že bych tenhle zázrak chtěla i jako oční krém. Až bude, tak stojím v první řadě ;-)

Eva Krásná

mom on maternity leave

I have been using Keory Young day and night cream for more than 10 months and I am simply amazed.

First, every woman's eye will enjoy their beautiful, clean packaging. Furthermore, a practical pump that dispenses the ideal amount of cream for the entire face and décolletage… And then it comes! A pleasant, unobtrusive scent, the consistency as it's supposed to be. After applying the cream, the skin is beautifully smooth, hydrated, and fresh. To my surprise, this feeling lasts until the application of a night cream, which again works great all night. No, it's not nonsense.

Lenka Špillarová

presenter on TV Prima & CNN Prima news


I received KĒORY Young creams to try more than a year ago. The first thing that intrigued me was the gift box, well elaborated and interesting by itself. But that's just the beginning.

Cream packaging is "pump" but not in the way we are used to it! That at least one-third of it will stay in the bottle (I hate it!). Each time you press KĒORY Young, the bottom of the cream "slides" up so that not a drop of the cream remains in the package. I don't know about you, but since I'm investing money in more expensive things, I don't want to leave even the slightest drop behind. In addition, you do not put your fingers or spatulas in the cream (I always lose it), so nothing gets in there, not even the air that is not supposed to be there.

But now to the most important thing, what are these creams? For me, some of the best and highest quality. I have both the day and night cream. They have a delicate scent, and you can easily apply makeup on them. The night cream is denser, but it does not clog pores, which happened to me with some creams. It seems to me that my skin is nourished and fresh. However, I understand that this is very individual, and I always try everything myself in sample sizes.

I would recommend buying the small day/night packages which are on their website. It will last about a week, and in that time you will know whether it suits you or not. P.S. Classic packaging will last me about five months. I am already on my third pack, and I will remain faithful.

Sonja Grund

designer and owner of the fashion brand Monissimo


I have already tried the creams, and I must say that they surprised me in the best sense of the word. My skin can't stand every brand, but this one suits me perfectly as if it was made for me :-) My skin is now beautifully nourished, but not oily. After only a few days, you can already tell the difference. The scent is perfect, it fits me personally. I was looking forward to smelling the cream again in the morning :-)

The bottles are also beautiful, the soft pink in the matte "velvet" packaging is a great choice. Even those square boxes that contain creams.

I keep my fingers crossed for you, KĒORY Young cosmetics excited me, and I believe that I will not be the only one ♥ ️

Veronika Doleželová, 33 yo

mom on maternity leave

I am satisfied with KY creams. They hydrate well, and my skin is smoother and calmer after using them. I used to have dry places around my nose, and now they have disappeared. I have sensitive skin, and I can only recommend these creams :-)

Among other things, it smells pleasant, and the tubes are also of good quality. Little Toník plays with them every night in the bathroom, bangs them, and nothing never happens.

Nikola Chrástová, 27 yo

make-up artist and hairdresser


A person like me, who suffers from dehydration and atopic eczema at the same time, always looks for a long time before he finds something that will suit the skin. And I can say for myself that KĒORY Young is a brand that reflects that it was made with the love that I now add to my skin.

At the same time, as a make-up artist, I had the opportunity to try the creams on the skin, which is problem-free and fits almost everything, up to the skin, which suffers from various "diseases" and everything always fitted perfectly :)

For me, these caring cosmetics are a step forward, and I know I will be back ❤️

Lucie Hušková


I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful package that came to me over the weekend :) You have it very nicely and luxuriously packed, and it's an experience - from the beginning when you start opening the box, through when you find a personal dedication inside, until the end when you first try creams.

I have to confirm that I felt exceptional and that your slogan fits this experience perfectly :) As your customer, I am excited about the first impression!

Katy Janoušková

owner of an agency organizing weddings and events


The creams are, in one word, amazing. Especially the night one. It smells very nice, and I have a feeling that when I get greased, the face seems to tighten a bit ♥ ️

Anyway, I think they're veeery nice, and when I finish my mini package, I'll order another one for sure ♥ ️

Eva Mádle, 50 yo

sales representative

I am an owner of very dry skin. For the last ten years, I have used various cosmetics from various brands, which I bought from my beautician or in pharmacies. Sometimes with a better and sometimes with a worse effect.

I first discovered KĒORY creams last December and ordered them based on their comprehensive description on the website. Since I am more of a pragmatic skeptic, I did not expect any major reversal for my skin. However, I must write that after a week of regular use of a combination of day and night cream at the same time as applying the serum, my skin was sufficiently hydrated and without unpleasant tension.

I have been using KĒORY cosmetics for six months now, and I will continue using them. I highly recommend it to everyone. Pamper your skin with KĒORY cosmetics, because it works.

Simona Bdinková, 24 yo


It was more than a year of my futile acne fight when I received creams from KĒORY Young. After only two weeks, I saw an improvement in my skin. The creams have a pleasant consistency, and I also appreciate that they are only lightly perfumed. A big plus is the natural composition of these creams.

I used the denser at night and the lighter at day. Although I have rather oily skin, I didn't feel like my face was sweating, as it happens with most creams. Over time, the pimples stopped being inflamed and the skin calmed down, which improved not only my skin but above all my self-confidence.

Iveta Vitulová, 48 yo

Those creams are a luxury. So far I have used others, and yours pleasantly surprised me ♥ ️ I will buy this great product again, I am satisfied with it. I've noticed that wrinkles aren't as deep either. I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to look beautiful.

I look forward to more products from KĒORY Young, they are great on my skin.


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We cooperate with the best

We cooperate with the best

All KY products will be available for sampling and purchase in any MEDICOM Clinic branches in Prague, Brno, or Ústí nad Labem.