Botox effect creams - are they better than a needle?

Botox effect creams - are they better than a needle?

No skin can remain young forever. What a pity, but it's true. Despite that, we can moderate the visual effects of aging with skin care products or various procedures. The most popular one is the application of botulinum toxin that temporarily gets rid of mimic wrinkles. But what if we don't want to undergo this kind of procedure? Do we have any other chance to get rid of wrinkles? Yes!

Pros and cons of botulinum toxin injections

If the Botox is applied right, it can naturally rejuvenate the skin and get rid of mimic wrinkles. It's a fast, basically painless procedure with no need for hospitalization or following recovery. The effect is visible after approximately 3 days.

It must be said that it's not a permanent procedure. After 3 or 6 months, it's necessary to repeat the procedure. If you undergo the procedure repeatedly, its effect lasts longer. Botulinum toxin is only suitable for mimic wrinkles but can't deal with the deeper ones. These need to be filled and removed in other ways.

Creams can have a similar effect

Botox most certainly isn't for everyone. Somebody can be discouraged by the procedure's price, others by its repeating, and not everyone deals well with needles. The optimal solution for those people might be face creams with effects similar to Botox. These creams have similar effects and only need to be applied to the skin without using a needle.

Botox alternatives

Many substances are said to have an effect that's similar to Botox. In some of the KĒORY Young products, we use Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, an excellent non-toxic alternative. Unlike Botox, it doesn't cause temporary muscle paralysis. It only limits muscle activity. Its use doesn't cause permanent damage nor loss of facial mimics.

Discover the power of natural ingredients contained in YOUR anti-wrinkle serum that will become your steady partner on your journey to firm and visibly rejuvenated skin thanks to a strong concentration of peptides and other active natural ingredients.

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