The difference between day and night creams

The difference between day and night creams

Similar ingredients and seemingly similar effects... It might seem like there's no difference between those two. So why do we need both of them? Is there any difference between them, or is to just a selling strategy of cosmetic companies?

Protection during the day, hydration during the night

If you're convinced that you only need a day cream, we have bad news for you. Even though the creams are similar in many ways, there really are differences. And the needs of our skin change depending on the time of the day as well.

During the day, our skin is exposed to different conditions. A wind, freeze, sunlight, or dust are quite challenging for our skin, and it needs a lot of energy to deal with it. Day cream should boost up its efforts. Its task is to hydrate, firm, and nourish the skin.

Night time is for well-deserved regeneration and to help the skin to load energy for the following day. The night cream contains quite a dose of active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that the skin absorbs during the whole night and leave the skin nicely refreshed.

What if you only use one cream?

If you use day cream during the night, you unnecessarily provide your skin with protective substances with no chance to absorb or utilize them. Some of the creams may even contain SPF protection against the sun, which burdens the skin more than it helps.

And using it the other way around, meaning using night cream during the day, isn't any better. The nourishing ingredients need time to be absorbed, but they don't have the right conditions to do so during the day. It only means that the skin is once again unnecessarily burdened.

There's no universal solution

If you want to give your skin the best care that will keep it nourished and rejuvenated, always reach out for both day and night creams. This is the only way you will get all the needed ingredients, and you won't burden your skin with something it doesn't need. Every skin has unique needs during the day, so it's unnecessary to search for a universal solution.

Just for you, we have prepared sets of KĒORY Young products, which contain a combination of day and night cream. Check our product's offer and choose the power of natural active ingredients that will provide your skin with everything it needs.

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